While Biden focuses on the 2024 election rematch, Dems slam Trump for his abortion stands.

While Biden focuses on the 2024 election rematch, Dems slam Trump for his abortion stands.

In signs that the Democrats are focussing on attacking Trump just before the 2024 Presidential elections, the Democratic National Committee is pointing out all Trump’s speeches and actions on abortion ahead of Trump’s visit to Lowa for a campaign along with the other GOP candidates.

The billboards, which the Democratic National Committee hoists, will be there in the Des Moines Area on Friday and Saturday, claiming a national abortion ban when Trump comes to the White House in 2025. Also, there will be another set of billboards that will have the names of the Republican candidates Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Nikki Haley, all of those who support abortion restrictions in some way or another.

However, it is essential to know what Donald Trump and other MAGA GOP leaders have promised during their campaign trail. Sarafina Chitika, a spokeswoman for the DNC, said that if Trump and his team are elected as the president, they would push for extreme abortion bans around the country and take away reproductive freedom from women.

Despite the statements written on the billboards, Trump isn’t clear on whether he would support a federal ban across the country. In September, he said it could be either a state or nationwide ban. He also said that he is not bothered much about it. But he added that it would have been better at the state level.

However, during the campaign trails, Trump has often told how his naming of the three consecutive judges led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade’s abortion access protections. Regarding the billboards, President Joe Biden is unaware of where he is and what is happening most days, Steven Cheung, Trump’s spokesperson. 

He further said that the billboards were a desperate attempt by a flailing campaign of Biden, who couldn’t even keep their coalition together. Also, Ramaswamy’s campaign spoke to the billboard issue that they never turn down free advertisements. 

The lower billboard strategy is part of a more significant effort by Biden’s reelection strategy to queue up attacks on former President Trump and other Republicans. It was done to contrast them with Biden on issues like abortion, immigration, and infrastructure. Also, some polls show that the public largely disapproves of Biden, and Trump is leading ahead of him in most states.

Biden has potentially started criticizing Trump ahead of the elections of 2024 as he is seeking a good rematch. Biden, at an event, said that currently Donald Trump is running for president, bragging about how he had killed Roe v. Wade. He further said that the former president is now trying to change the same.

He insisted the voters be very clear about what Trump is bragging about. Biden, at a fundraiser, said that the only reason why abortion is prevalent in America is because of Trump. Biden’s messaging on criticizing Trump comes amidst the wake of internal polling from the aligned progressive groups. 

According to the stats, Biden would be in more trouble if he does not attack Donald Trump now. Biden said at another event that the only reason why abortion rights were ripped away from American citizens was because of Trump. The Republicans have struggled to talk about the abortion norms after the Supreme Court turned down the decision of Roe in 2022.

Some candidates claimed they would support a fifteen-week federal ban, while others tried to ignore it, thinking the proposal wouldn’t pass through Congress. In the previous and this year, voters have consistently supported abortion rights in the elections. In some of the battleground states like Michigan, the access polls show that abortion access was a significant issue.

The Democrats have significantly credited their support and aid for medical rights. It also includes the wins in states like Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky as they argue and believe the issue is made directly for the 2024 ballot. The voters have regularly rejected their anti-abortion agenda at the ballot box. 

However, Trump and his MAGA candidates are still supporting their agenda against women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions, as said by Chitika. She further said that the Americans will hold them accountable yet again during the elections of 2024.

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