Trump, during his Houston Camp, stated that the 2024 elections will be the most important one.

Trump, during his Houston Camp, stated that the 2024 elections will be the most important one.

Trump, at a rally, said that the Texas attorney general did not deserve his impeachment and further pitched that the upcoming presidential elections of 2024 will be the most critical election and stated that the nation should be “ready to fail.” 

On the first day of the new administration, Former President Trump, if elected, would terminate Biden’s nation-wrecking war on America’s energy. He further said that with the help of the Texas gas and oil workers, he would settle American points perfectly.

The rally or the event where Trump told all these was held at Trendsetter Engineering in Northwest Houston, which gathered over 100 people. The company designs and manufactures equipment for offshore oil drilling.

Trump also promised to reverse the energy policies that President Joe Biden implemented. He further said that he would work to restore the respect of the country, which was lost, and also close the borders to prevent the invasion of the migrants coming from the North and South of the country 90.

He vowed to make the United States the energy powerhouse, employ more jobs, and reduce the cost of energy in the country. Also, he would bring in the electric car technology, mainly designed for short-distance travel.

He, in his speech at the rally, also said that if there are no borders, if there is no fair election, and if there is no energy, then there is no country. If Biden’s rule continues after 2024, then America would be close to not being termed as a country.

Trump also said that he was happy to have assisted Paxton, the top civil lawyer of the state, who was acquitted in September. Paxton is still facing some allegations related to a federal crime, and his investigations are running in the courts.

Trump also said cheers and said that the country has a great attorney general. The primary purpose of Trump’s visit to Texas was fundraising. He had a fundraiser event held in Dallas by telecom billionaire Kenny Troutt, and he was also set to attend another one held by the Houston Rockets and Tilman Fertitta. 

According to recent polls, Trump has been in a more dominant position in the Texas primary than he has ever been previously. He promised the citizens that he would win Texas in a landslide. He also took shots at Ron DeSantis and said that his polling numbers are like birds falling off from the sky.

Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chairman, said that the net imports of petroleum and crude oil spiked during Donald Trump’s reign. Inside the rally, many of Trump’s supporters wearing his hats and the 2024 election regalia claimed they were more interested in hearing about issues that were important to them ahead of the 2024 elections.

Justin Pardee, a 38-year-old guy from Northwest Ohio, was also present there and is currently in Texas. Attending his first Trump rally, he said that he was more interested in hearing about Trump’s opinion on drilling oil. 

The legal troubles have increased for Trump since he left office. But all of them were fake for Michaela Villeneuve, another rally who has attended more than five rallies organized by Trump, including the one in Waco last March. She further said that she loves to hear Trump speak because he always says something different. 

She further said that she wants a President to lower all the taxes. Regarding the indictments, Trump said that he has more charges to his name than AI Capone. Before his rally, several elected officials were backing his 2024 campaign. They include Paul Bettencourt, the state senator of Houston, Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller, local US Republican Wesley Hunt from Houston, and Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham.

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