Trump asked his fans to watch for the other voters instead of voting in the US Elections in 2024

Trump asked his fans to watch for the other voters instead of voting in the US Elections in 2024

At the New Hampshire Rally, Trump told his fans and supporters they need not vote in the upcoming election of 2024. Instead, they should carefully observe what other voters are doing.

At the event in Derry, Trump once again raised the baseless claims that his presidential seat was snatched away from him in 2020. Thus, this time, he asks his fans to be more careful. “You have to go out there and observe for the other voters,” says Trump. Regarding the voting, there are plenty of votes that we have received.

Trump, the campaign, often says that he was ditched at the elections in 2020. In his speech, he also noted that the voting requirements in the United States are not up to the mark. He called for more counter-fraud measures for the national elections of the United States.

Trump obtained the GOP nomination in New Hampshire in 2016 and 2020. However, he lost his position to Hillary Clinton and President Joe Biden in the presidential elections. A spokesperson for Trump also said that Trump was asking for legal voting for the 2024 elections so that the same things aren’t repeated for him as in the 2020 elections.

Ron DeSantis of the Florida Government, competing against Donald Trump, considered Trump’s claims vague. He further stated that whatever Trump speaks at press conferences loses votes. 

Additionally, Trump compared him with the South African politician Nelson Mandela and cast himself as a victim of the four criminal cases and other trials he is facing.

Donald Trump has been charged with 91 different cases since March. Before the rally, Trump said that he had never been indicted. Although, he appeared in front of the court to plead guilty to the charges against him. 

He further stated that all the indictments charged against him are Biden’s stuff. Trump had also visited the state Capitol in New Hampshire to complete the official paperwork for the GOP Nomination bid.

A spokesperson asked about Trump did not comment on anything because it was outside business hours.

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