The White House Must be Terrified as Trump might Defeat Biden in the 2024 Elections, as stated by the Media and the Democrats.

Democrats and media members are giving alarms over the prospect that Trump might defeat President Joe Biden in the elections of 2024. They suggested that the dismal messaging and the poll numbers of Joe Biden might force him to exit the White House in November.

According to a poll released by USA Today, it suggested that 37% of the voters had voted for Joe Biden, while 36% of the voters voted for Former President Donald Trump. A substantial majority of voters also claimed that they had strongly disapproved of Joe Biden’s job performance.

In between the low polling numbers of President Biden, the Minnesota Democratic-Republican Dean Phillips announced a presidential primary challenge against the President for the nomination of the party in 2024. Speaking to The Atlantic, Phillips said he is pretty confident that President Biden won’t be able to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming elections, and everyone, except a few, shares the same fear. 

He also claimed that his allies of Biden often told him in private conversations that Joe Biden should not run for the second term, but he couldn’t comment on this matter publicly. The dissonance would make Trump’s victory more apparent, said Phillips.

He further said that Joe Biden’s age is not just a factor. But besides, being old and running low on numbers, it will be a red alert kind of stuff for Biden. Phillips said that the White House is terrified at this moment. Although, Joe Biden is good at performing his jobs according to the policy terms. Some Democrats are scared of going on record and think that they are increasingly terrified. 

An anonymous individual added that if you have an energetic and young Democrat willing to step up, the White House should be more concerned. Phillips has also recently built a close relationship with Steve Schmidt, an ex-GOP strategist who had left the party in 2018 over a quarrel with Donald Trump. Schmidt is now an advisor of Phillips.

If the elections were tomorrow and there was fair reading of the polls, then Donald Trump would have been the 47th President of the United States, said Schmidt while speaking with Phillips and his wife, Annalise.

The decision to refer to Biden’s economy as Bidenomics was a blatant blunder of Biden’s campaign. There has never been such blunder by any government than referring to a government’s economy as Bidenomics. The result of such comments would be the reelection of Donald Trump, which would be more catastrophic.

New York Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf commented similarly on Joe Biden and his campaign. The only good news for Biden was the prospect of the government shutdown and the talks of impeachment among the Republicans.

Even though Biden comments about his economy, it is still lousy, and there have been crimes in the country. Sheinkopf added that Biden is considered an older adult, and no one likes Kamala Harris. A new poll from Monmouth University stated a massive gap in the concern levels from the voters over President Biden’s advanced age versus former President Trump’s age.

Despite having a difference of 3 years, according to a poll, 76% of the voters said that Biden, 80, was too old to serve another term than Trump, who is 77 years old. Another Democratic strategist, speaking to The Hill on the pretext of anonymity, claimed that those who think that Trump could not win the election are “fools.”

The same fears were also shared by Democratic strategist James Carville, who feels that Joe Biden’s poll numbers are not too good and they are not getting any better. He continued saying that he talks to a lot of people who perform state-level polling or congressional-level polling, and all of them are saying the same.

Carville also said he struggled to believe the White House’s “doctrine of strategic certainty.” It also assumes that Biden is on the same trajectory that led to his victory in 2020. In Carville’s view, the 2024 elections hold little similarity to the prior cycle. Concerns about Biden’s candidacy have also trickled the media coverage.

Sharpton added that Right Now, Donald Trump will be the President, and we will have to get on the federal prison visitors’ list to talk to him. Earlier this month, MSNBC host Rachael Maddow stopped by “The View” to promote her new book and discussed the probability of Biden losing to Trump next November.

Maddow said that Not only is there a 50-50 shot of Trump winning the White House, but any major party nominee has a 50% shot; the Republicans have to reckon with that until the end of the time and understand what they did to this country.

On a show named “Good Morning America” on 26 September, George Stephanopolous fretted over an ABC News Washington Poll where Trump was leading Joe Biden. Stephanopolous said that the poll could be a trouble for Biden. 

Chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce also agreed to the same, stating that, indeed, the poll numbers show fundamental weaknesses for Joe Biden and would undoubtedly be a cause for the Democrats.

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