The United States alerts on Russian attempts to sabotage elections at the global level

us election 2024

The US warns as many as 100 countries about opening a new front by Russian intelligence, which consists of attempts to bring imbalance in the democracies by substantiating the doubts regarding the authenticity of vote counting and elections. The senior government officials stated it.

Intelligence officials state that they have correctly noted a new strategy, which is seeding doubts grading the trustability of the democracy. This week, the US sent a cable to more than 90 countries’ embassies to be conveyed to the government. The line stated that Russia is embarking on preparations for degrading the public confidence in the trustworthiness of the elections. 

There was no immediate return of the message left with the Russian embassy. 

Russia seems to be motivated by witnessing its win in aggravating the mistruths by former President Donald Trump and his supporters in and after the elections of 2020 in which he wrongfully blamed widespread fraud for his defeat. 

A senior intelligence official stated on a call with the reporters on Friday that they understand that Russia is trying to capitalize on what it views as comparable affordable access in the US in 2020 to take this to a global level. They stated so on the condition that their names should not be revealed to enable them to discuss US intelligence. 

The warning, where Trump holds significant weightage to win his party’s nominations and other democracies’ elections, comes ahead of the following year’s presidential election. It also includes the European Union parliament in June 2024.

US’s warning to other nations stated a review of the elections between 2020-2022, which identified 11 different continents in nine countries. And there, Russia was found to be engaged in a severe contribution towards understanding the election outcomes. 

The cable determines that while the European country’s 2020 election was going on, the Russian intelligence agency attempted to deploy agitators through proxies to intimidate the campaign workers, manage protests on Election Day, and wreck overseas voting. 

For a long time, the US has put Russia on its target as an agitator in the US polls. It states that it was the source of a considerable influence campaign whose objective was to aggravate Trump in the presidential election 2016 and access voter registration information in Illinois in 2016.

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