Senator Tim Scott Drops himself out of the 2024 American Presidential Race.

Senator Tim Scott Drops himself out of the 2024 American Presidential Race.

Senator Tim Scott said on Sunday Night that he will be out of the race for 2024. During his appearance on a program, Scott said that when he returns to Lowa, it will not be as a presidential candidate.

He continued by saying that the voters, the most remarkable creatures on this planet, are not supporting him in running for the president’s race. The announcement surprised Gowdy, so he attempted to do a double take to ensure that what Scott was saying was true. Multiple Scott staffers also reported learning about this news by watching the program.

Tim Scott’s campaign had also sent a fundraising email not too long before he declared that he was dropping out of the Presidential candidate’s race. The campaign also told the voters that it is giving them one last chance to donate this weekend and help Tim win the elections.

His decision to drop out came just after the third Republican presidential debate in Miami. After the discussion, the South Carolina candidate canceled a weekend campaign in Lowa, citing flu. 

Tim Scott had begun the 2024 campaign with little information for others. But his campaign and an allied PAC spent over 25 million dollars on advertisements in Iowa and other states promoting Scott as an optimistic conservative. Scott had also observed an uptick in the early state polls during the summer.

However, he never caught fire in the GOP debates, and his polls stagnated due to an in-state rival grabbing attention. Scott is dropping out of the Presidential candidate’s race just as the South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, has pulled into the second position in the early state primary polling.

Last Month, Tim Scott’s PAC canceled millions of dollars in planned fall advertising, stating that the Republican candidate was not focused or ready to become an alternative to Donald Trump. In an Interview with Gowdy, Scott indicated he was unprepared to endorse one of his former rivals.

Scott said that he wants every voter to study the candidates and their candidacy and frankly make a decision for the future of the country. The best way to be more helpful is not to weigh who they should endorse. 

Scott also seemed disinterested about becoming the candidate for vice president. On a show with Gowdy, he said that the Vice President candidacy has never been on his to-do list and is not there right now. Scott’s departure came after another great candidate left the race.

Former Vice President Mike Pence left the presidential candidate race in late October as the Republican presidential field winded down. Several South Carolina candidates of 2024 have reacted to the news on social media.

Tim Scott is very conservative with bold ideas and always thinks about how to get America back on track. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he respects Scott’s courage in running the campaign and thanks him for his service to the US Senate and America. He looks forward to Tim for being the party leader and working with him.

Vivek Ramaswamy had also praised Scott, saying “good dude” before addressing their interaction in last week’s Republican debate. After learning about the news, several others congratulated Tim Scott for his campaign. 

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