Resistance of Biden to “Cease Fire” can alienate the young voters in the 2024 Elections.

Resistance of Biden to "Cease Fire" can alienate the young voters in the 2024 Elections.

Bhavani Iyer, a 21-year-old at the University of Michigan, stayed in line till night 1 am to vote for the Democrat Gretchen Whitmer and vote on the ballot to codify the right to abortion in the state. The 21-year-old girl claims she is a Democrat, but sitting at the center of the college where the students meet between classes, she said she is confused about whether she would vote for Biden in the re-elections of 2024 or not.

One of her top priorities is Biden’s stance against abortion rights, but Biden’s disapproval of the Israel-Hamas war and standing against the “cease-fire” weighs very heavily on her mind these days. This is the case with her and with many of the young American voters. She said she voted a straight ticket in the past elections, but now she is wondering whom she would vote for in 2024.

She further said that it will probably not be the same way this year. Sitting on the college campus with her friends Andrea Gonzalez and Humza Irfa, all three students, identified as blue voters, expressed their moral conflict and whether to vote at all in the next year’s election.

Gonzalez, a 19-year-old whose parents are immigrants to America, said that she feels it is her responsibility to vote for the first time in the Presidential elections. Still, she is very indecisive due to the lack of options available. While she feels very disdain for Trump due to his rhetoric comments on women and his color views, Biden’s stance against the war makes it challenging for her to decide where she leans.

Irfan, the other friend of Iyer, a 21-year-old guy, said that his stance for the incumbent President died this year due to Biden’s stance against war and also noted that the same thing has changed the perception of every Muslim against Joe Biden. Many of the Muslims feel that Biden has shown a lack of sympathy for the Palestinian civilians. 

The uncertainty shown by these three young voters defines what the young voters feel about Joe Biden for his stance on the Israel-Hamas war. The millennial and Gen Z voters showed that they were much more supportive of the Democrats, and the young people played a crucial role in flipping the swing states like Michigan blue and helping Biden secure a win in 2020.

However, conversations with several young students show that Biden’s handling of the war situation has decreased enthusiasm for him among young voters before the 2024 Presidential elections. Many students and other young voters are divided on how they would use their votes and their organizing power. 

Also, due to Biden’s growing age, several candidates have expressed their openness to third-party candidates and frustrations with the Trump-Biden rematch, stating that they would shift their focus in the upcoming elections.

There were around 1200 people killed in Israel while more than 11000 were killed in Gaza, as reported by a Health Authority. However, they also claim that there could be 2000 more people who are killed in the war. Israel has agreed with Hamas to temporarily pause fighting in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of 50 out of the 240 hostages captured inside an enclave.

Biden has remained unapologetic for the defense of Israel, and in a statement, he also said that as long as Hamas is stuck to its ideology of destruction, a cease-fire cannot be a peace option. The Americans have continuously shown sides for Israel.

Most young voters have disapproved of Biden’s handling of the war situation. According to a recent poll, it has been found that seventy percent of the voters between 18 and 34 are not satisfied with Biden’s handling of the war situation.

Irfan, who is a Pakistani American, said that after all the scenarios that have been happening in the Middle East Right Now, it is difficult for the people of his background to decide whom to vote for. He also said that one of his relatives was killed last month in the Israel-Hamas war.

The GenZ and the millennial voters are expected to comprise around 40% of the electorate of the 2024 elections who have already shown their influence on the polls. They had helped flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court to a liberal majority earlier this year and boosted turnout on Virginia and Pennsylvania college campuses.

Some polling shows that the young voters were highly motivated by topics like abortion, where there is a clear contrast in the stances between Biden and Trump, the front-runner for the GOP nomination. However, a diminished turnout among the young voters can be challenging for Biden in the 2024 elections.

Support for Joe Biden among the young voters was waning long before the wars, with the students of the University of Michigan showing their disappointment over the unmet promises on policies like student loan forgiveness and climate change.

Breah Marie Willy, a 19-year-old girl, said she was very excited to vote for the President, but now she is unsure who to vote for. She hoped the other Democrats would challenge Biden and was very disappointed with the approval of the Willow Project, a significant oil development in Alaska.

Willy said that everyone has TikTok and everyone has Instagram, and honestly, everyone has started forming a parasocial relationship with the Palestinians. As students search for options in 2024, some liberal students like Willy and others said they are open to voting for third-party candidates. 

Among those candidates willing to take a risk is Fisher, a 20-year-old guy looking to vote for a third-party candidate to push back the two-party system. Sari Rosenberg, a 21-year-old, does not support the cease-fire option in the current situation without the return of all the hostages held by Hamas.

Members of the College Democrat at Michigan University, some of the prime defenders of the President at the University, said that they believe that, in the end, the peers would turn out for Joe Biden when confronted with Donald Trump as an alternative. Nate Auerbach, another supporter of the organization, believes that the young voters will come out in more support of Biden as the election comes closer.

He said that he thinks that many young voters are stepping back and taking a break and do not want to express their support for Biden, but as the 2024 elections come closer, they will be forced to see what Trump says. He further said that Trump’s statements would scare many people as they should because what Donald Trump says is indeed scary.

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