Republicans hope that the chaos in the last week will turn into a distant memory in the upcoming elections.

Irresponsible, Embarrassing, and Chaotic were the words the Republicans used to demonstrate the last few weeks as they removed one speaker from their office and hovered over three nominees to decide on Mike Johnson finally. 

Now, the Republicans hope the voters won’t hold any GOP infighting against them as they seek to find a narrow margin in the House majority in the upcoming elections. The Republicans already had a challenging task, and they could afford to lose only four seats to have the majority.

Eighteen of their incumbents are running in the locations where Joe Biden had won in the elections of 2020. A Supreme Court decision favoring the Blacks in a redistricting lawsuit could give the Democrats an opportunity to get over Alabama. 

Some Republicans are worried about the infighting that shuttered the House for three weeks, and if this happens further, it will become a headwind against the Republicans in a bid to stay in the majority. Some already resigned to serving in the minority during the chaos last week while finding a new speaker of the House. 

While others feel that the past three weeks will become a distant memory in the next year’s elections, Republican Max Miller claimed it will not suit them in 2024. He further said that he is not optimistic about keeping the majority due to the actions of the eight members.

The eight members referred by Miller were those who voted with the Democrats to remove McCarthy as the speaker of the House after nine months of his job. The Republicans are also putting some onus on the Democrats for the happenings of the past three weeks.

Republican Nicole Maliotakis also said that although it damaged the party, they will also have to remember the eight members of their group and every Democrat who was responsible for the chaos. Republican Suzan DelBene claimed that the first thing to hear from the folks is why they don’t focus on governing. Why is there so much infighting? This is not just a fight between the parties. This is Republicans fighting with the Republicans. 

The House Republicans 2023 also engineered a showdown over the Affordable Care Act, insisting on a bill to avoid a shutdown, including measures to roll back critical portions of then-President Barack Obama’s Health Care Law.

The Republican Controlled House at that time passed two spending bills and amendments to cripple the law. The Democratic-controlled senates rejected both the measures. With that, the Republicans were left with either funding the government or shutting it down over their opposition to the healthcare law.

The following year, the Republicans gained 13 seats in the House, giving them the most immense majority since the administration of President Herbert Hoover. Additionally, they also gained nine senate seats and took the majority.

It was the midterm election where the party members who did not control the White House had performed better. Next year, the presidential nominees would be the center of attraction for the voters, with a fight between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. 

Republican Marc Molinaro, a first-term Republican from New York, said that the voters will judge the Republicans based on the totality of their work. He said that the last three weeks were most disappointing and distressing, not only for him but the most disappointing time in the history of the Chamber.

The fractures in the Republican party that dogged McCarthy during his short stint are not fading away because the House has a new speaker now. In a few weeks, the House Republicans will have to find ways to fund the government at levels that the Democratic-led Senate and the White House will accept the deal or risk a government shutdown. Further agitation will only lead to the argument that the House Republicans are incapable of governing.

Republican Dusty Johnson said that while going to the ballot in the upcoming elections, most voters won’t remember what happened in October 2023. However, if this happens, there is a massive trouble that the Republicans will face after the elections.

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