Recent updates of Israel: Among the dead, 1,524 were found to be kids, as stated by the health ministry

Already, the number of deaths reported is 1400, and 4562 have been stated to be injured since the launch of an unequaled attack by the terrorist group Hamas on October 7, as stated by the Israeli authorities. For retaliation, there were airstrikes launched by the Israeli forces against Hamas. The Ministry of Health in Palestine said that 3,785 people were killed and 12493 were injured in Gaza.

The tension is increasing considering the launch of the Israeli ground war into Gaza. Gaza is going through an unimaginable situation of scarcity and crisis as the residents remain trapped with no access to medicine, food, and power. 

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: How do we define it?

Palestinian Islamic Jihad has received the blame from Israel for the gruesome blast on Tuesday night at a Gaza hospital. Palestinian Islamic Jihad refers to a Gaza militant group that is similar to Hamas and is related to the conflict. It has also stated keeping Israeli hostages.

Among the dead, 1,524 were found to be kids, as stated by the health ministry.

A minimum of 3785 people are already dead in Gaza, which includes as many as 1524 children, 1000 women, and 120 elderly, as stated by the Health Minister of Gaza. Among the dead are 44 medical personnel as well. Added to that, 12493 are injured in Gaza. The capacity of Gaza hospitals has been 150%, as stated by the ministry. As many as 14 health centers had to stop functioning because of force, and all the health facilities are running in danger of being shut down because of shortages in fuel and power, as the health industry states.

203 held hostage by Israel, as stated by IDF

As many as 203 have been held hostage by Israel since the attack by Hamas militants on October 7, as stated by Israel’s military. An Israel Defense Forces spokesperson noted that a minimum of 306 members of the Israeli army are dead. 

The attack was on Hezbollah targets, as stated by IDF.

As stated by the Israel Defense Forces, on Thursday morning, it attacked Hezbollah targets on the northern Israeli border along with Lebanon.

The British Prime Minister will pay a visit to Israel. 

Rishi Sunak, the British PM, will visit Israel and meet with the Israeli leaders on Thursday, as stated by his office. It will be a two-day trip, including meetings with OM Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.

We received a more comprehensive assessment of the Gaza hospital explosion from the White House.

Adrienne Watson, the White House National Security Council spokesperson, stated that Israel would not be a help for the hospital explosion in Gaza. 

The arrival of aids is likely to happen, as stated by Biden.

President Joe Biden stated that Egypt’s president has agreed to open the Rafah crossing gate, allowing as many as 20 trucks carrying aid to travel to Gaza.

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