Races for Governor/ Gubernatorial Elections in 2024

Races for Governor 2024

Right now, in the United States, Gubernatorial elections are going on, which will continue in 2024 as well. The Gubernatorial election is held in every state to elect governors by the people. So far in the United States, Three states have already completed their Gubernatorial election, and another eleven will happen in 2024.

However, besides that, there is a lot more about the Gubernatorial election that people want to know about. So, let’s find out more about the races of governors. 

Work of a Governor:

The state Governor has to manage, plan, and make decisions about the State law. Not only that, they have to check and supervise the functioning of the state executive branch. 

The governors of the states in the U.S. pursue new policies and programs, and if required, they can advance and revise the guidelines.

In many states, governors appoint the State court judge; therefore, they hold a huge responsibility. And if the Governor doesn’t select the state of the court judge, they can nominate names for the position.

Etc. Besides that, they have many other responsibilities to fulfill as a state Governor. So, in short, the Governor’s behalf of the state serves as the intergovernmental liaison to the federal government.

Types of Political Positions

In the United States, there are mainly two types of political positions that exist: Democratic and Republican.  

Now, the Democrats are those who are in alliance with liberal ideology. They believe in community and social responsibility, where Minimum wages and progressive taxation are involved.

And the Republicans are those who do not follow any monarchy or dictatorship. The republican candidates believe in conservation. Also, they prefer individual rights and justice over anything. 

Gubernatorial Elections in 2023 

Now, in 2023, there are three gubernatorial races for governorships: Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

  • Kentucky 

After the Gubernatorial election in Kentucky in 2019, Governor Andy Beshear was elected with 49.2% of the people’s votes. And now, after winning the first term, Governor Bashear is running for the second term in Bluegrass State.

Governor Bashear won the Democratic position, but the Republicans never stopped to challenge Beshear. As a result, big names like 

Governor Andy Beshear was elected in 2019 with 49.2% of the vote and is running for re-election to a second term. He won the Democratic nomination with little opposition. Attorney General Daniel Cameron, state auditor Mike Harmon, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft, and agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles all ran for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Finally, with the support of former president Donald Trump and the people’s influence, Cameron won the Republican Nomination. Also, it made him the first African-American major party gubernatorial nominee in Kentucky. 

  • Louisiana

In the 2019 second-term election, Governor John Bel Edwards won 51.3% of the vote. However, Edwards cannot run again due to the term limit, as it is limited by the Louisiana Constitution in 2023.

After the term end of Edward, many other candidates are joining the Gubernatorial race for the position: state Attorney General Jeff Landry, Rep. Garret Graves (La.), Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, state Treasurer John Schroder, and state Sen. Sharon Hewitt. Landry was considered the candidate leading in the race. 

Then, after all the race and between the candidates, state Attorney General Jeff Landry won the election by 51%. Not only that, Landry won the Louisiana gubernatorial election without a runoff. 

  • Mississippi 

In the Mississippi gubernatorial election 2019, Governor Tate Reeves won with 51.9% of the people’s vote. He was fighting for the position against Democrat Jim Hood, and by winning the election, Reeves got re-elected to a second term. The demand for Tate Reeves is so high among the republican followers, which leads him to this position.

Then, for the Democratic governor position, Brandon Presley, Public Service Commissioner for the Mississippi Northern District, would stand against Reeves as he was the Democratic nominee candidate.  

So, in 2023, three gubernatorial races have been held. Among them, one Governor is not eligible for re-election, and two incumbent Governors were eligible to run for re-election. Now, it’s about the weight of the general election in November.

Gubernatorial Elections in 2024

Now, three Gubernatorial Elections in three significant states are mostly over. Therefore, in 2024, there will be 11 states and two territories in Gubernatorial elections. 

The states and territories where the Governor election will happen are Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, American Samoa and Puerto Rico.

These states and territories are further categorized in election predictions. According to the forecast, if the state or territory is,

‘safe’ means it has the chance to get victory, 

‘likely’ means significant advantage, 

‘lean’ means somewhat or essential advantage

‘Tilt’ means neither advantage nor zero advantage,

And, ‘Toss-Up’ means it has no benefit. 

U.S. States 

  • Delaware

It is in the Safe-Democratic position. In 2020, as the second term of Gubernatorial Elections, John Carney got re-elected with 59.5% of the people’s vote. However, due to the term limit, Carney can’t get re-elected for a third term in 2024. 

As a result, the term-limited executive of populous New Castle County, Matt Meyer, on June 6, 2023, became the first declared candidate for the position.

  • Indiana 

This state is in a Safe-Republican position. In 2020, Governor Eric Holcomb got re-elected for the second term with 56.5% of votes. But as his term limit is about to end, that’s why Holcomb ran for the election in the 3rd term. 

Therefore, for the position, United States Senator Mike Braun, Brad Chambers, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, former president of Economic Development Corporation of Indiana Corporation Eric Doden, Jamie Reitenour, and former attorney general Curtis Hill are running for the Indiana Republican nomination.

And running for the Democratic nomination, the name of Former Republican Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick has been declared.

  • Missouri

Based on the prediction, Missouri is in a Safe-Republican position as well. In statewide races in Missouri, Republicans have become dominant. For the role of Governor, Mike Parson won the election for a full term in 2020 with 57.2% of the votes. But after surveying for more than two years, because of the term limit by the Missouri constitution in 2024, a person can’t get re-elected for the second term. 

Therefore, for the position of Governor, Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe, Missouri State Senate member William Eigel, and Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft are the Republicans running. 

And in the democratic position, Crystal Quade declared herself a candidate. She currently serves as the Missouri House of Representatives minority leader. Besides her, no other Democratic candidate has emerged so far. 

  • Montana

Montana is balancing a solid Republican position for the election. At the 2020 Gubernatorial elections, Governor Greg Gianforte was elected with 54.4% of the vote. However, for the upcoming election, there is no assurance that he will do the re-election or not, even though Giangorte is eligible.

But for now, he is the Governor of Montana in the republican position. And to challenge Gianforte for the upcoming election, state representative Tanner J. Smith declared to be a candidate. 

Even though the democratic infrastructure of Montana is relatively weak so far, there is one candidate who is running for the election, Ryan Busse. He used to be a gun industry executive, but now he turned from his former business.

  • New Hampshire 

This state is in a toss-up situation right now. In 2022, Governor Chris Sununu got re-elected; however, for this year’s election, Sununu declared that he won’t be running for the position of Governor. 

That’s why for the Republican position, former U.S. senator Kelly Ayotte and Former acting governor Chuck Morse. And for the democratic part, there are nominations of 2022 Congressional nominee Robert Burns and Former Hillsborough County Treasurer.

  • North Carolina

According to the prediction, North Carolina is mainly in the Toss-up position as well. For now, in the 2020 Gubernatorial elections, Governor Roy Cooper got re-elected by 51.5% of the vote. However, as he has a term limit, Cooper is not eligible to stand for the 2024 election.

Therefore, keeping focus on this position, there are many challenges. Among those challenges, the republican candidates are state treasurer Dale Folwell, former North Carolina Supreme Court justice Michael Morgan, Bill Graham, lieutenant governor Mark Robinson, Jesse Tomas, Pastor and former congressman Bradley Mark Walker, and American real estate developer Andy Wells.

The nominees for Democratic Gubernatorial elections are former associate justice of the Supreme Court in North Carolina Michael Rivers Morgan and Attorney General Josh Stein.

Besides that, so far, two other candidates have been nominated for the Libertarian position: Mike Ross and Shannon Bray.

  • North Dakota

This state is leaning toward the safe Republican position. Here, Governor Doug Burgum first got elected in 2016. After that, for the 2nd term in 2020, he got re-elected with 65.8% of the vote. 

For the upcoming election, Burgum is eligible to apply for the third term. However, there is no official statement or candidate names declared for the 2024 Gubernatorial election.

  • Utah

Utah is majorly on the Safe-Republican side. In the 2020 Gubernatorial election, Governor Spencer Cox was elected with 63% of the people’s vote. And so far, he is the only candidate to run for the 2024 election.

  • Vermont

Vermont is mainly inclined to the Safe-Republican position based on the prediction. In Vermont, there are no gubernatorial term limits available in its constitution, which is why, for the fourth term, Governor Phil Scott got re-elected in 2022. His first Gubernatorial election was in 2016, then 2018, then 2020 and 2022. And he is also eligible to run for the fifth term in 2024. 

  • Washington

This state is in a likely democratic position. In the 2020 gubernatorial election, Jay Inslee got elected for the third term with 56.6% of the vote. Now, as this state doesn’t have any gubernatorial term limits available in its constitution, Inslee is eligible to run for the fourth term election. However, as he is seeking retirement, his chances of running as a candidate for the 2024 Washington Gubernatorial election are low. 

Far, to compete for the position of Governor, there are a few people who declared their candidacy: Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, conservation attorney at Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary S. Franz, and state Senator Mark Mullet. They are the candidates for the democratic position. Then, the republican candidates are former congressman Dave Reichert and Semi Bird.

  • West Virginia

This state is on the Safe-Republican side. In the 2020 election, Governor Jim Justice got re-elected for the second term with 63.5% of the people’s vote. Justice won his first election in 2016, and for the upcoming election in 2024, he can’t run for a third term due to the term limit by the waste Virginia constitution. 

So, for now, many people have declared their candidacy for the West Virginia Governor position. So, as the republican candidates, there are Terri Bradshaw, businessman Chris Miller, West Virginia House of Delegates Moore Capito, secretary of state Mac Warner, and Rashida Yost.

For the Democratic position, there is the Mayor of Huntington, Steve Williams. By following the constitution party Stephen Marshall Wilson. And as the Candidate of Mountain Party Chase Linko-Looper.

U.S. Territory

  • American Samoa

In the gubernatorial election of 2020, Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga was elected with 60.3% of the vote. And for the upcoming election, Mauga is eligible for the second term re-election. However, there is still no official declaration of any candidate available for the 2024 election.

  • Puerto Rico

In 2020, for the position of Governor in Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi was elected with 32.9% of the people’s votes. And for the next gubernatorial election, Pierluisi is going to run for re-election as well. 

However, currently, many candidates are waiting to challenge Pierluisi for the position of Governor. Those names are Carlos Delgado Altieri as a candidate for the Popular Democratic Party, Juan Dalmau from the Puerto Rican Independence Party, Ada Norah Henriquez from Project Dignity, Jenniffer Aydin González Colón from the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico, Javier Jiménez Pérez from the New Progressive Party and Juan Zaragoza from The Popular Democratic Party.

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