Over One Hundred Thousands of Philadelphians have asked for Mail-In Ballots for the November Elections.


At the “Give Us a Ballot Rally,” 400 students from Philadelphia who are of voting age will march from Love Park to City Hall and celebrate the occasion that this is the first time they are allowed to vote. Groups from different Philadelphian schools will be at the event, notably Social Justice Academy, Parkway Northeast Peace, Martin Luther King, Roxborough, and others. 

DJ Diamond Kuts from Philadelphia will perform for the crowd. After Noon in Philadelphia, the students will march into the Philadelphia City Commissioner’s Office to complete and hand over their primary ballots. 

More than a lakh people in Philadelphia have requested the mail-in ballots. Local groups like those above seventy are also holding events to get out the vote. Local officials say it is best to vote early if you think the SEPTA strike impacts your travel to your polling location on Election Day.

Nick Custodio, the Deputy city commissioner, said that there are a lot of voters who are concerned about the possible SEPTA strike.  

Registering, Requesting Mail-In ballots: Voting in Philadelphia

The deadline for this election has already passed on October 23. However, if you are already registered, you can request a mail-in ballot by October 31. The completed request form is due on the same day, by 5 pm. If you are willing to vote early using the mail-in poll in person, you must be present in the county elections office.

Also, the mail-in ballots that are completed must be there at the County elections office by 8 p.m. on Election Day. There is also an option to drop them in the ballot box.

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