No Good Options and News for Joe Biden as individual recoil over the Border Crossings

No Clear Victories

Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas worried about the many people at the border crossings and went to the White House to advise the officials. Cuellar, a Democrat, said that the advisers of Joe Biden were not sold. They said that it would make the immigration advocates more angry. 

The explanation has achieved the dilemma of the President and the delicate balance that he has attempted to strike when it comes to the topic of immigration. Biden is presently facing a monumental crisis as the unlawful border crossing continues to rise and the migrants arrive in the crowded with no jobs and places to sleep.

At the same time, the strict enforcement measures are risking the Hispanic voters who are a part of the political base of Joe Biden. So far, none seem satisfied. The Democrats have seen their advantage over the Republicans on immigration and border issues vanish. During the Presidency of Donald Trump, the edge stayed somewhere between 4 and 6.

New polls suggest that Trump is also capturing Biden’s votes among the Latino voters. Representative Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota who is challenging Joe Biden for the party’s nomination, said that he went to the borders twice and found things an embarrassing, inexcusable, and unmitigated disaster.

Phillips said in an interview that it is only due to the failure, inability, or unwillingness to address the situation. He further said that the country’s ports of entry are abhorrent, the security is insufficient, and the policies are inadequate for the 21st century. The allies of Biden look at this as an opportunity to recover the lost ground on immigration before the general elections of 2024.

The administration of Biden is hoping that the border talks that are taking place on Capitol Hill will produce some bipartisan solution. Some officials would like to see a change in the policy that would make it harder for people to enter the US by claiming asylum. One Department official of Homeland Security said that if Congress does not fix the asylum system now, Trump will get a chance to enact more draconian policies if he comes to the White House next year.

Biden wants more money for Ukraine so that they can destroy the Russian forces. The President has presented a supplement forwarding request that would go forward in helping Israel and Ukraine in their respective war situations. The Republicans in Congress want this situation coupled with the new border provisions.

The administration officials have told the Senate Republicans that they are open to challenging asylum policies and getting a position that has strengthened the Republican negotiators while frustrating all the lawmakers of the Democratic party. However, all the lawmakers left the town this week without arguing and hope to make a breakthrough this weekend. But, all the discussions might prove to be fruitless.

A Shifting Problem

Not a long time ago, the Democrats had an advantage when it came to immigration issues. At that time, Barack Obama had pushed for immigration reform to offer citizenship to more than 11 million legally residing in the United States.

Congress never passed it as a law. But the idea was considered a winning political issue. After the Republicans lost the Presidential race of 2012, they declared an autopsy and ended their steadfast opposition to an immigration overhaul. However, there have been a lot of changes since then.

The debate over immigration has changed from looking for a stable way to deal with the undocumented immigrants who are already residing in the United States and stopping more from coming in. Biden had put forward a bill on the first day of his office that would provide a vehicle for the undocumented immigrants to become citizens of the United States.

A White House official claimed that in nearly three years of his office, the administration has failed to take charge of it. Due to its failure, the administration has decided to implement a strategy of orderly and safe enforcement. The governor of Illinois, Pritzker, had sent a letter to Biden warning of a migrant crisis and faulting the administration for a lack of coordination and intervention at the Border.

While flying with the President on Air Force One the following month, Pritzker again raised the issue of the immigrants entering his state and seeking asylum. The migrants from Texas needed resources and shelter, which was hard for Illinois to provide. 

The council members of New York City went to Washington DC to talk to the officials of Biden’s administration about a crisis that forced the migrants to sleep on the streets. Justin Brannan said it is not the municipality’s responsibility to manage any international migrant crisis. He further said that the city does not have a Department of Resettlement, and no agencies or experts can deal with it.

No Clear Victories

Controlling the Border has always been a challenge for Trump from the start. During Biden’s first year at the office, Border and Customs Protection agents stopped more than 17 lakh immigrants who could not enter the US. It rose to more than 23 lakhs the following year and kept increasing.

The stock response of the White House has been to blame the Republicans for failing to engage in discussions over Biden’s comprehensive reform proposal and noting that Biden has called for additional border resources as a segment of his budget proposal. Officials also say that long-term solutions include not just reforming the US immigration system but also tackling the root causes of migration. 

However, the long-term solutions won’t solve the short challenges before moving on to the election year. But, the Americans do care about what is happening at the borders, and a large number of migrants crossing the Border is indeed a vulnerability for Biden—over one-third of the people surveyed wanted more money to strengthen the Border with Mexico.

Another problem for Joe Biden is his inability to come up with a clear-cut explanation of the border policy. In contrast, Trump’s solution is straightforward. Finding an effective solution to discuss immigration has long confounded the Democrats. Joe Biden’s policies include sticks and carrots. It opens up several pathways for legal migration while discouraging the illegal kind.

It is not very difficult to imagine that dual policies could confuse who is safe and who will be deported. Janet Murguia, the President of UnidosUS, said that Biden’s clarity on border policies has been very confusing. There are no clear wins for him. If he takes one step forward, he comes back two steps. She further said that it is not a recipe for success in the future.

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