New Hampshire will hold the first primary and is bucking up the national Democrats.

New Hampshire will hold the first primary and is bucking up the national Democrats.

New Hampshire announced that it will hold the first primary in the nation on 23rd January 2024. They will ignore an official schedule change that eliminated the Granite State’s century-long top spot and pushed South Carolina to the top position. 

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu said they are going first, whether the country likes it. There was never a doubt with the Republican primary. However, the democrats who come and occupy the New Hampshire primary will take a chance to participate in an unsanctioned event.

The state legislature had passed a measure in 1975 that required New Hampshire to write its lead-off status into state law. The move had terminated with months of speculation involving President Joe Biden, the National Committee, and New Hampshire’s role in the nominating procedure. 

Although New Hampshire has decided to hold the first primary, the DNC won’t award any delegates to the Democratic Party candidates. The primary results will be treated similarly to the outcomes of the Iowa Caucuses. They are considered a popular contest and a measure of campaign organizing strength at the beginning of the national movement. There, no delegates would be awarded their nomination.

However, there have been no declarings from the DNC yet to punish any candidate who elects to participate in the unsanctioned Democratic Primary. President Biden would not be present at the ballot, and his supporters have asked the voters to start a write-in campaign for the President. The critics of that move were termed as “bizarre” and “hypocritical.”

Republican Dean Phillips of Minnesota said that he finds it ironic that they disenfranchised a state and then requested a write-in campaign. Dean Phillips ran for a Democratic nomination in 2020. 

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the campaign manager of President Joe Biden, told the Democrats of the state that Biden wants his name to be on the general election ballot of New Hampshire as a nominee of the Democratic Party. Also, he added that the President would tirelessly campaign to earn every single vote in the Granite State in the following November.

Both Lowa and New Hampshire, consisting of more than 93% Whites, have been criticized for not representing the cultural and racial makeup of the rest of America. South Carolina, behind these two states, has around 62% Whites.

Scanlan said that the Democratic National Committee is challenging their first-in-the-nation status due to the emerging concerns over the lack of racial diversity. He further stated that using racial diversity is offensive when organizing the Presidential Nominating Calendar. He continued by asking at what point does a state become too poor, too wealthy, too old, too religious, too educated to hold an early primary? 

Scanlan attacked the national party leaders for their attempt to control the nomination process before the Presidential elections 2024. 

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