Moving on to the 2024 elections, the Californian Democrats were divided on Senate and Israel candidates.

Moving on to the 2024 elections, the Californian Democrats were divided on Senate and Israel candidates.

Before the high-stakes election this year, the California Democratic Party Convention allowed the activists and the delegates to project unity. There was a weekend-long event held. However, the Democrats remain segregated on the significant issues facing the Party and the nation. It was the aggravated war between Hamas and Israel and the California race for 2024 that features three important members, congressional veterans who are hoping to gain victory on a seat held by late Senator Dianne Feinstein for more than 30 years.

The internal cracks represented the national debate within the Party, and some believed it could be dangerous for the reelection hopes of current President Joe Biden and the power balance within the Congress Party. The invasion of Gaza by Israel after the attack of the Hamas dominated the convention. The Protestors were angry about a war that disrupted a senate candidate forum on Saturday afternoon. 

It also featured blocks from the State Capitol, which led to the cancellation of an official event that evening. Magali Kincaid, a delegate and a lawyer, said that an injustice to one is an injustice to all. Magali joined the protestors who were responsible for disrupting the remarks of Senate candidate Republican Katie Porter and Adam B. Schiff, along with Lexi Reese.

Kincaid, a supporter of Democratic candidate Barbara Lee for the Senate, joined a rally on Saturday afternoon where demonstrators loudly shouted for a “cease-fire” that disrupted the senate candidates. She said that she would like to see peace but not war in Gaza and that any resolution for the hostages in Gaza should not involve any violence. 

Kincaid said that we must stand together with the genocide and colonization, and it is what she feels like she is doing. The clash between the protestors and the delegates regarding the Israel war has greatly angered the young voters. Ameera Abouromeleh, an American Palestinian who joined the protest with six other family members, said that she looks forward to the next year to vote for the first time in a way that represents solidarity with his family, who remain in the West Bank.

The 18-year-old girl said that even though you squish a person under the rubble, their voices would be heard further. Her grandfather was less involved with civil disobedience and was content with their grandchildren. He felt that the violence between the Palestinians and the Israelis had gone way too far and wanted there to be a sustainable and durable resolution to the conflict.

Abouromeleh was unsure of whom to vote for during the Senate race. However, during the Presidential race, she plans to vote for Cornel West, a progressive academic leader running independently for the race. A latest released poll states that 70% of the voters are not happy with Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas war. 

All the weekend events angered the Jewish delegates. Some also said they felt humiliated and harassed at the convention. They broadly criticized the State Democratic Party Leader, who did not take the required precautions to prevent disruptions and protect the members. Andrew Lachman, the Israel California Democrat President, said that many had no intention to come to the convention because they were worried about the antisemitic confrontations.

Lachman further said that many were shaken by the violence and the disruptions that took place. The split caused within the Party could be a significant reason for its downfall in the elections of 2024. The Democrats will require the support of the Muslim and Jewish voters in the battleground states and the congressional districts if they wish to hold power in the White House and make legislative gains.

Lachman said winning Virginia or Michigan without the Muslim votes is tough. Also, you cannot win Pennsylvania or Nevada without the support of the Jewish community. Therefore, anyone who thinks that they can eliminate the other person from the room is hurting the Democratic Party.

California Democratic Party Chair Rusty Hicks condemned the events and behavior of the protestors and said any delegate who actively participated in those events would be punished and held accountable. He further noted that Saturday concluded with a series of events that left him saddened and disappointed.

The most expected vote among the party candidates was for the Senate race of California for the 2024 elections. It pits Lee against the fellow democratic candidate, the Porter of Irvine and the Schiff of Burbank. Although Lee, according to the recent poll results, has lagged behind Schiff and Porter, her support from the Democratic delegates showed the loyalty that she inspires among the faithful members of the Party, who tend to be more liberal.

Basem Manneh, a Palestinian American from the Bay Area and a supporter of Lee, said that she was frustrated with the disruptions at the forum. The broader push towards Cease Fire and a move to help Lee are the right ways to approach solidarity. He also said that he does not see this message as hateful.

Manneh, a San Francisco International Airport worker, said that both Porter and Schiff were brilliant, but Lee has been in this field for a long time. Manneh said that she was the captain of the locker room. Brian Kohne, a 41-year-old who had campaigned for Lee during her congressional races, partially supports Lee due to Porter’sPorter’s unwillingness to call for a cease-fire in Gaza and Israel. 

Porter and Schiff have been very supportive of Biden’s stance on the Israel war and urging the voters to be aware of the civilian loss of life and think of what happens next in Gaza. Krohne on Porter said that she finds it very hurtful that she is on the wrong side.

Hicks and other officials of the State Party said that the segregation of the Party was a reflection of the strengths of the candidates and that these minor divisions won’twon’t hurt the ability of the Democrats to unite together next year. The County Party Chair of the Riverside, Joy Silver, a resident of the Jewish Palms Spring, said that she never felt unsafe during the protests.

However, she was outraged at how they prevented the convention from happening, and it seemed deeply un-democratic. She further said that the splits within the Party were profound but would not deter her work overseeing voter outreach in a competitive part of the State where the Democrats are determined to regain the congressional and Assembly seats.

The County Party had not endorsed in the Senate Race, but she said that she was backing Schiff. She compared the partition between Lee and Schiff to one that the Party experienced between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016. Silver said the natural division is here, probably between the head and the heart. Barbara Lee is more of a heart, and Adam is the head.

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