How can the 4 Alternative Presidential Candidates impact the 2024 Race?

How can the 4 Alternative Presidential Candidates impact the 2024 Race?

The president’s election field of 2024 could be unusually crowded. The present scenario seems like President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are likely to face off in a rematch in the 2020 election. 

However, apart from these two, some other candidates can also be a part of the race: Robert F. Kennedy Junior, Jill Stein, and Cornel West. And these three candidates might be joined by another one, Senator Joe Manchin, who seemed very sure to launch a third-party White House Bid when he announced that he would not be a part of the upper chamber re-elections the following year.

But let us look at how the four Presidential candidates could change the race.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy might have the most significant impact on the Presidential candidate’s race. He began the Presidential election campaign against Joe Biden in 2024 in the Democratic primary and got a tremendous start to his campaign. 

However, in October, Kennedy Junior plateaued on the polls and declared a bid for the independent run. Recent polls have shown that in the race of Kennedy, Biden, and Trump, Kennedy might snatch away more votes from the Republicans than from the Democrats.

According to a University Poll, Biden was just one point ahead of Trump; however, they had just a three-point edge when Kennedy was included. Fourteen percent of the Republicans were more interested in voting for Kennedy Junior than 12% of the Democrats.

Kennedy’s views of the Ukranian war, notably that the West gathered a stance over Russia through NATO expansion, have more ideas in common with Trump than the current President Joe Biden. Kennedy’s shift from the Democratic candidate to an independent bid gathered a noticeable change in the media coverage.

Sean Hannity, who had once supported Robert F. Kennedy Junior for his support of “medical freedom,” had later pressed Kennedy aggressively.

Cornel West

Cornel West is known for his academics and activism; his charisma can threaten Biden. He also can appeal to the Black Community, which can be dangerous for Joe Biden because it is the vote of the black community that Biden requires.

Cornel West was a surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 campaigns. Therefore, it is not to be ignored that he shares much of the democratic socialists’s views. Cornel West’s candidacy is based on the idea that America is far too unequal. He believes that few measures are taken to leverage the hardships of low-income people.

Also, both parties are too involved in serving the interests of wealthy individuals and corporations. As the Israel-Hamas war began, the West came to the scenario to express its sympathy over the sufferings of the individuals in the respective countries. 

However, one challenge that Cornel West might face is the ballot access. He initially sought the Green Party nomination but is now an independent candidate. There is no clear information on how he would get on enough states without a ballot to make a difference. That might be a relief for Joe Biden.

Jill Stein

Stein was more of a surprise entrant to the 2024 presidential election field. He popped up in the race with a social media announcement. She was a Green Party nominee in the 2012 and 2016 elections and is doing the same in the 2024 Presidential elections. 

While announcing her candidacy, she said that the political system is broken. The two street parties are bought and paid for. There are doubts on whether Stein will be a significant factor as West and Kennedy are both expected to cut into the modest base support of the Green Party.

Even though Stein received 1% of the vote nationwide, the election was decided for Former President Trump over Hillary Clinton by small margins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It is important not to oversimplify the cause of the 2016 elections. Left-leaning voters might well balk again at supporting Stein in 2024. This will happen more if Trump is on the ballot in 2024.

Senator Joe Manchin

Manchin is one of those four candidates yet to make his bid official. However, during last week’s statement, where he declared retirement from his senatorship, he said he is more interested in traveling around the country and creating campaigns to mobilize the middle and unite all Americans.

The group attracted a lot of criticism from the Democrats. No Labels group has already secured a spot on the ballot in dozens of states. However, the group is not expected to decide whether to run a candidate for the 2024 Presidential elections. 

But that is very different from saying there is a groundswell of support for Manchin. Joe Manchin is widely disliked among the Democrats, and it is unclear why the right-leaning independents would vote for a long-time Democratic Senator.

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