How are experts reacting to the Trump Trials and the elections of 2024

How are experts reacting to the Trump Trials and the elections of 2024

The 2024 elections might become courtroom trials for Former President Donald Trump as he is balancing his time between the election rallies and the defendant’s table. During the United Facts of America Panel, it was found that there were several false statements related to the 91 criminal charges against Donald Trump.

There have been different reactions from the people against Trump and the charges. Some are the liberals who want Trump in jail, and some are his followers who care nothing. 

Aronberg said both sides must limit and reduce their expectations regarding Trump going to jail. He further says he could go to jail, but it might be only for the criminal case of the Washington, DC, election interference.

New York Civil Fraud Case

Trump was accused in a New York civil fraud case where he was charged with creating false valuations of properties. These properties also included the Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach. In court, Donald Trump’s eye-rolls and proclamations drew the attention and scoldings from the judge.

Aronberg further said that Trump’s testimony is not a harbinger of the criminal case, which he is accused of predicting that Trump would not testify in those trials. Aronberg also said that he might move towards a trap, but he is not under the requirement to testify. However, in civil cases, if he had taken the Fifth Amendment, it might be used as an adverse inference against him.

Sale claimed that the admissions made by Trump inside the courtroom could be used against him. 

Trump claims that the cases are of “election interference.”

Former President Donald Trump has falsely claimed that he was charged in an attempt to challenge the election outcomes. Another common defense is that the cases amount to “election interference” while he faces a possible battle with President Joe Biden.

Sale said it is straightforward for Donald Trump to say that on the campaign trail. However, to prove the challenge wrong, they would require “an evidentiary hearing and real proof,” which they don’t have. 

Aronberg further said that for those who think that Trump’s cases signal a weaponized Justice Department, Hunter Biden would like to have a word in that case. The United States Attorney General Merrick Garland elected David Weiss, Donald Trump’s administrative holdover, to investigate Hunter, Biden’s son, as the special prosecutor. 

However, Aronberg also said that it is very legitimate to criticize a slow process at the beginning by the prosecutors. No evidence was found that Special Counsel Jack Smith had intentionally timed the charges to hamper Donald Trump’s campaign, as he alleged. The complex federal cases take years for investigation before they reach the indictment stage.

Also, Trump announced his campaign in October 2022, two years before the elections of 2024. Aronberg said that it was Donald Trump himself who had declared his campaign before anyone had entered the Presidential race to intimidate Merrick Garland.

“Gag Orders are violating the speech,” Claims Trump

Sale said that when there are gag orders, the judges gag only the lawyers because their clients tend to keep their mouths shut. 

However, Trump, being a Presidential candidate, has the highest level of protection under the First Amendment for free political speech. Trump should be allowed to respond to the witnesses, including Attorney General Bill Barr, a former Trump administration member.

Final Thoughts

The trials of Donald Trump will dominate the newspapers, be a comic topic, and keep the fact-checkers busy beyond Election Day in November 2024. However, they must not be the cause for celebration, as stated by Sale.

After Donald Trump was indicted for the adult film case, James Comey tweeted that it was a good day. The fact that a former American President is being indicted four times a day is not a good thing. Sale said that it was a sad day for America.

Sale said that Trump, like all others, must be entitled to a fair trial where he is presumed innocent, and he must be acquitted based on a fair trial and judgment by the jury.

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