Despite Age Concerns, there is no backup plan for Biden by the Democrats.

Despite Age Concerns, there is no backup plan for Biden by the Democrats.

There is no plan B for the Democrats if the President plans to end his election campaign in 2024. Despite a poor poll number and many questions from some of his team members, Biden has stuck to his plan for seeking a second term after clearing several primary challenges when he announced in April that he was running for the second time.

Even if there were many more democratic candidates in the hunt now, the path ahead might be unclear as the deadlines to get on the primary ballot in some critical states, such as South Carolina, Nevada, and Georgia, have already passed. The loyalists of Biden, citing his records in office, argue that there is no requirement of a plan B to defeat the probable Republican nominee, Donald Trump, who was defeated by Biden in 2020.

Among the possible scenarios is if Biden drops out from the race due to his growing age of 81. Democrats could pick another nominee by following the party’s rules in August or later. Reuters spoke to several former and current officials and clarified that they want Biden to succeed. The party could face an upheaval if the oldest President in the history of the United States might encounter a health issue or step aside for the White House Race.

Kamala Harris, the running mate of Joe Biden, who has popularity problems, would not automatically replace Biden as the primary candidate if he steps aside. But, she would primarily benefit from their joint campaign infrastructure if she ran for the President in Biden’s absence. But other candidates would swoop into the race as well. 

A senior Democrat told Reuters that there is no Plan B, and if he were suddenly not to run, everyone would run. The Vice President scares no one. During the Democratic primaries, if Biden were to drop out and other candidates could join the race, it would be based on the state’s filing requirements.

It requires more than months to run the presidential campaign, gather the money to run it and get on the primary ballot in the central states, including Illinois, California, and Michigan, which are approaching in the coming weeks. The Democratic officials are united behind the President despite some issues, and they say that the big names would come into the race otherwise.

Daniel Wessel, a spokesperson of Biden’s campaign, said that Biden would win the war against any MAGA extremist put forward by the Republicans. On the other hand, Trump, who is 77, also faces several concerns regarding his age and a host of charges against him, some including the mishandling of documents and interfering in the 2020 elections. But he denies all the wrongdoings. 

Multiple candidates are challenging Trump in the Republican primary race and providing several built-in opportunities to the party in the unlikely event of Trump dropping out. To the core of the White House, the growing age of, Biden has become a concern for the White House in 2024. During Obama’s campaign, the top White House Adviser, David Axelrod, said that Biden needed to decide whether it was wise to run again or not. 

He further said that if he decided to run, he would be the prime candidate of the Democratic Party. But he must decide whether his candidature would be in the country’s best interests. A physical examination found that Biden was healthy and fit for the President’s duty.

For a long time, Biden has believed that he is the only probable candidate capable of beating Trump in the race, but a poll showed that his approval rating is only 39%, the lowest since April. The primary elections for the Democrats will begin in February and end in June. They will hold their convention in Chicago in August.

Biden is very much expected to win the nomination process for his party after an easy primary process. He has a massive lead in the polls over declared Democratic challengers like Marianne Williamson. If he chose to drop out of the last primaries in June 2024, the delegates would be free to vote for another candidate in Chicago.

Any departure before the convention would lead to chaos among the broader group of Presidents, including the Californian governor Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris. Elaine Kamarck said that if he drops out just before the convention, there might be an old-fashioned convention where the delegates can decide regardless of who they would elect to represent.

That would lead to a spark within the party, leaving the Democrats to mirror the Republicans in a battle where the candidates would spend their time and money fighting for each other. Things would turn out wrong if Biden dropped himself out of the convention. Kamarck said that 435 members of the DNC would meet in a special session to elect a nominee.

Senator Thomas Eagleton in 1972 withdrew his name as the Democratic Presidential Candidate. It was because the then Vice president, George McGovern, was being treated for his depression problems. The DNC held an emergency meeting quickly and elected Sargent Shriver to take his place. McGovern lost the election.

Newsom has been actively participating as a surrogate for Biden by taking high-profile swipes at the Republican Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor. The two men will be participating in a televised debate on Friday, which is unusual for someone not declared a Presidential candidate.

The office of Newsom did not respond to the standard request. A senior Democrat said many surrogate activities, like Newsom helping Biden, partially remind the Democratic voters that they are out there as an alternative option.

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