Democratic US Republican of Maryland, John Sarbanes, says that he will not choose for re-election in 2024

Image Credit- WYPR

The United States Republican John Sarbanes of Maryland said he won’t seek re-election in 2024. He would want to leave his seat after a long stint of 18 years. Sarbanes, the representative of the 3rd congressional district since 2017, stated that he would like to work in different public service sectors, like volunteer and non-profitable work.

He said in an interview that he is not interested in any work of politics for some time. Instead, he would want to explore many opportunities to serve the people outside the elected office. Sarbanes stated that he would like to continue in office for nine months. Still, he declared his decision earlier to benefit the interested candidate who would take charge of his seat after the elections.

He called his tenure of serving the United States Congress as a humbling opportunity to make a difference. In Maryland, the Democrats are in charge of 7 out of the eight seats, including the Senate seats, the governor’s office, the attorney general, the secretary of the state, and both the legislature chambers. 

Former Paul Sarbanes, John Sarbanes’ father, was a representative of Maryland for six long years as a United States Representative and thirty long years in the Senate before he retired in 2006. Later, he was declared dead in 2020.

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