Claims arise that Donald Trump Could Destroy America.

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Donald Trump is currently faced with ninety-one felony charges. There are the top advisers, some of them being his attorney during the 2020 election challenge, who have made plea deals. Mark Meadows, the former Staff Chief of the White House during Trump’s rule, has made an immunity deal for himself along with the Georgia state prosecutors who are pursuing Trump.

The former President is currently trapped inside a hole that is very difficult for him to dig and come out of. Yet, the 45th President of the United States is making immense efforts to overcome his legal woes and make his bid a successful one for the elections of 2024. At least, he is making a dominant showing in the Republican Primary.

But the question is, what will Trump’s position be in March 2024 as the general elections are coming closer and the Republican Primary is also closing on to its final months? The former President will have to shift from one courtroom to another as the four indictments charged against him are underway, and he has to be present in all of them.

Donald Trump Can’t Win the Elections

At a time when most of the Presidential candidates will be marching with their limited resources and cash at the final stages of their party’s nomination, Trump will be finding himself between the different trials for which he has been charged.

Rather than focusing on systematically winning court cases with the help of his attorneys, Trump has spent his time doubting the process. Donald Trump has alienated all the judges for the point he has been charged with. Trump has not at all argued for the charges in any way for which he is yet to be proven guilty for the cases.

Instead, he has turned all the court proceedings into very show trials he insists they have always been. However, according to a calculation made by Trump, he thinks that since the problems are political, he can ignore them. But, if he does so, it can be hazardous for him.

Even if Trump was supposed to wage a political campaign, which he has already done in the GOP primary, the fact remains that there have been multiple indictments with which he has been charged at once. And out of all the cases, possibly one of them, mainly the mishandling of the classified documents, has a real heft behind it.

Trump’s supporters are turning to him to save Themselves.

Now that his former chief of White House has flipped and joined hands with the prosecutors of Georgia, along with the plea deals that the attorneys of Trump, Sidney Powell, and Kenneth Chesebro, have designed with Georgia prosecutors, the chance increases that Trump will be indicted too.

That case will feed directly into federal prosecutor Jack Smith’s lawsuit against Trump for allegedly having incited an insurrection on January 6. Whatever evidence the Georgia State prosecutors give against Trump at the Peach State will also be used by the federal prosecutors for their case against Trump.

And if any of the cases- The Georgia case or the Federal prosecution case charged Donald Trump for the happenings of January 6, he will unlikely be able to take charge of the White House under the “insurrection clause.” Meanwhile, Trump will have wasted his cash and resources on an improbable bid to become President again.

He will also have to ensure that the GOP loses in 2024 because, by the time he was to be prevented and convicted from running for office under the 14th Amendment, Trump would likely have secured his position as a GOP nominee. His convictions and disqualification would throw the GOP into chaos and provide an easy win to the Democrats in 2024.

Trump is running the race for invalid Reasons.

Now, it has become too obvious why the former President is running for the White House again. Firstly, he wants to soothe his wounded ego by hook or crook as he lost to “sleepy” Biden. The other reason why he is running in the race is that, by chance, if he wins the 2024 elections, he feels that he would be able to pardon himself for the federal crimes.

Whatever the crime he has been convicted of, Trump feels he could extend the trials as long as he remains in charge of the White House. At no stage in his calculations has he found out what is suitable for the party and what is good for the country.

If it were the pardons that he wanted, the next Republican President would happily grant him. If it were the solid and legal defenses that the Former President needed to stay out of jail, the Republican party would give them to Trump.

However, what we are experiencing is the self-enhancement and gratification of Donald Trump. It would significantly damage the political order of the United States and likely ensure that the Republicans never hold office again.

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