Blue and Red States 2024 of U.S President Election

Red state Blue state of US Election 2024

The Democratic Party of the U.S. is also known as the Blue States because the color blue often identifies the states that are under the control of the Democratic Party. Currently, the president of the U.S. is Joe Biden, who is a representative of this Party. He is accompanied by the Vice –president Kamal Harries. Apart from these, other prominent faces of this Party are contesting for the upcoming presidential election 2024. The other prominent leaders, like Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson, have showcased many vital issues that will be the center of focus of their upcoming election campaign in 2024.

The Republican Party is also popularly known as the red states, the states with the majority of Republican Party support. These states are popularly known as the red states. The former president of the U.S., Donald Trump, is a member of this Party. This time, he is contesting for the presidential election for the second time. Trump, along with his fellow political mates like Ryan Binkley, Doug Burgum, Vivek Ramaswamy, and other renowned leaders, will be contesting along with him. Although, the Republican Party has showcased various for their electoral campaign.

Contesting Candidates From The Blue States (Democratic Party)  for the U.S Presidential Election 2024

The current government is ruled by the Democratic Party, which Joe Biden represents as the honorable president and Kamala Harris as the vice president of the country. However, they also have another competent leader, Marianne Williamson, in their Party, representing different states and assigned to other positions in the state legislature.

For the upcoming election, the Democratic Party has released names from their Party who will be contesting this election. However, Biden will be attempting for the second for his presidential election in 2024. For the upcoming Presidential election, the Democratic Party has announced the names of three candidates who will be running campaigns for the Democratic Party and contesting for the election. Joe Biden will be representing his home state, Delaware, Dean Phillips will be representing the state of Minnesota, and Marianne Williamson will be representing California.

Contesting Candidates From The Red States (Republican Party) for the U.S Presidential Election 2024.

Before Biden came into power, the Republican Party ruled the United States, and Donald Trump was the president. However, in 2020, Trump was defeated by Joe Biden and dethroned him from the white house. However, this time, Trump has put his name for the candidacy for the presidential election 2024. He will be the second candidate to win a non-consecutive presidential term if he wins the election this time.

However, the Republican Party has also released a list of names of popular candidates representing different states, and they will be contesting the election along with Mr Trump. Ryan Binkley will be competing from Texas for the Republican Party. At the same time, Doug Burgum will be taking part in the election from North Dakota, his home state. Chris Christie will be representing New Jersey this time, and Ron DeSantis will be the representative of Florida for the presidential election of 2024. Donald Trump has decided that he will be taking part in the presidential election of 2024 and represent Florida. Tim Scot will represent the state of South Carolina along with Vivek Ramaswamy from his home state, Ohio.

Important Factors Heightened For the U.S. Presidential Election 2024 by the Democratic Party (Blue States)

  1. The Democratic Party, led by Joe Biden, has been constantly releasing several grants and refills to fight the economic crisis after the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020. Students, working mothers, and financially backward people are given more importance.
  1. In the current ruling Party, the Democrats are of the view that abortion should be legalized and made accessible just like the other rights of the citizens living in the U.S. The blue state rulers are trying to amend this law.
  1. The forging policy of the Democratic Party was strategic and practical at the same time. Democratic Party was sympathetic enough to support Ukraine with military and humanitarian aid. The Democratic Party has tried to protect Ukraine’s democratic rights.
  1. The Democratic Party has formulated any rules or regulations for or against the LGBTQ community. However, they do look forward to making influential contributions towards the betterment of this community.
  1. Regarding education, the democrats have been giving grants and loans to support academics. Till now, $32 billion has been forgiven as a student loan. The president also states that Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Biden’s brainchild, should be enforced. It aims towards forgiving loans on a larger scale.

Important Factors Heightened For the U.S. Presidential Election 2024 by the Republican Party ( Red States)

  1. On the other hand, the Republican Party’s majority is against this law. According to them, it is highly illegal, and they are against the view of giving citizens the right to opt for an abortion as and when they want.
  1. The Republicans are highly against legalizing abortion; they termed it as highly illegal, and they do not look forward to not legally recognizing it as a personal freedom of choice for the citizens.
  1. The leaders of the Red States have a mixed opinion; when the majority support the forging policy adopted by the Democrats, the remaining group heightens it as unwanted interference. It promotes it as a brainwashing move by the U.S. citizen.
  1. Mr Trump, the former president of the U.S. and a famous personality from the Republican Party, looks forward to abolishing the social recognition of third genders. He states in his recent campaigns that when his Party comes into power, they will enact the “Don’t Say Gay Law” as well.
  1. The Republicans, in their campaign, have informed that very soon they will be introducing critical race theory in states that the Republicans lead. Still, all these states across the country have highly opposed it. The supporters of the Red party are eager to establish the Critical Race Theory.


Several new channels and media houses are constantly conducting surveys and public opinion polls to understand the current situation in the United States. Every time the election takes place, most of the votes are divided between these two parties, which leaves minimum votes for the third-party contestants. However, initially, it was expected that age would be an alarming factor for Biden that would hinder his run for his second presidential innings.

However, breaking all these myths and misconceptions, he has submitted his name for candidature. The other campaigners are also giving their best and putting their heart and soul into making the campaign strategies successful. The election results will decide the future of these parties and whether there will be a change in the authority.

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