Biden’s campaign started reminding the people of America why it dumped Donald Trump in the first place.

Biden's campaign started reminding the people of America why it dumped Donald Trump in the first place.

With a full year left before the 2024 elections and only two months left before the Republicans submit their first primary ballot, President Joe Biden and his campaigns are already assuming that Donald Trump will be his prime rival and have already started telling the voters why they had thrown away the former president at the first place.

Last week at a fundraiser in Chicago, President Biden said that Trump, the same person who said that we should put a full stop to all the rules, regulations, and articles of the Constitution, is now running a plan to end democracy. He further said that the next election is different but is very important. There are more things at stake because the democracy of America is at stake. 

Biden’s campaigns have shifted its goals from persuading the voters not to vote for Donald Trump. Instead of looking to highlight the economy, they have now started persuading the Americans that they might not love Biden and might not vote for Biden, but they must be terrified of Donald Trump.

Speaking on anonymity, one Biden official said it might be a long campaign, but it is time to get into it. It is about making a choice. Driving a contrast is incredibly essential. Biden’s campaign is already running digital ads to attack Trump in the crucial states. 

Amid the recent polls that show that Trump is leading Biden in the swing states, Biden and his campaigns decided to go for an aggressive attempt against former President Donald Trump. The famous Democratic consultants, even the anti-Trump Republicans, are also urging for an energetic campaign from Joe Biden for the final phase.

David Axelrod, who helped Obama come to the White House in 2008, said that Trump is the inevitable Republican nominee, and the Democrats will be very wise to start framing their choice now. Steve Schale, a Democratic consultant from Florida who works with pro-Biden super PAC, said that unless something miracle happens, the Biden-Trump race you are watching is indeed a recognition of the fact.

Before Democrat’s Day, every post that Trump and his campaign posted on social media had gathered massive press and news coverage. Most of it hurt his standing along with the mainstream voters. The new campaign initiated by Joe Biden ensures that all the racist or autocratic comments made by Donald Trump get widespread and popular very quickly.

One such example is Trump’s language which was similar to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi in Germany. A pro-Trump website posted an interview where Trump stated that illegal immigrants are poison to the blood of the country. This was a phrase which Hitler also used during the Nazi days. Until a week later, it did not get much attention in the mainstream media, but Biden’s campaign made a little effort to highlight it.

By the Midweek, Donald Trump’s use of “vermin” and the “poisoning of the blood” became a stump speech for Joe Biden. Trump has said that if he returns to office, he will remove all those who opposed him and wipe him out. He called them “vermin.” It is a specific phrase with a particular meaning and echoes the language of the Nazis of Germany during the 30s.

Biden said to the guests that it is not the first time Trump has used such phrases. Schale pointed out that warning about Trump has proved beneficial for Joe Biden. The threat of a second term headed by Donald Trump brought Joe Biden back into politics. Schale said that seeing Joe Biden lean into Donald Trump is not a surprise for anyone.

Stuart Stevens said campaigns are always about choices, and Biden is anti-Trump. He was a prominent Republican consultant who left the party. He further said that it is never too early to begin setting the dynamic that would win a race for the candidate. The same polls that show that Biden is lagging behind Trump also show he is the best against Trump out of the other Republicans running for the race and worst against South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Despite all such results, the Republican voters favor Donald Trump for becoming a nominee, less likely in the states that vote first in the primary calendar. It is very unclear what effects Biden’s engagement with Trump might have on the upcoming Republican contests.

Haley sometimes claims that Donald Trump cannot win the general elections. During the first GOP Presidential debate, Haley claimed that Trump was the most disliked politician among all the American politicians. Consultants of both parties said that the GOP primary voters would take their cues from Biden and his campaigns. 

One Republican pollster said that if you think that Biden’s campaigns would move the GOP voters from Trump to Haley or DeSantis, then you might be delusional. Steven also said Biden is doing brilliantly by engaging with the voters. He further said there would be no danger if Biden focused more on Donald Trump.

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