Biden faces challenges in reaching out for 2024 as the Israel-Hamas conflict reveals divisions within the coalition.

Rushing to catch up on Arab American and Muslim Reach

President Joe Biden has embarked on outreach campaigns they think will aid in making his handling of the Israel-Hamas War a defining element of his Presidency. These aides and others have spoken with the President since Hamas first launched their attack on Biden and see the US conflict and its responses to it as a part of America’s soul. 

He has ignored all the calls, a few of them from the West Wing, for considering the potential liabilities of supporting Israel. For others hoping to get Biden reelected as the President, he is more in touch with those called “the quiet majority.” 

Biden, in late October, said that he is very clear about the Netanyahu government and the two-state solution, but Israel is in the current situation of receiving support. The Jewish voters in most battleground house districts and around the country are shaken.

Many Young voters who have identified the Palestinian cause see a President who does not share his values. The feelings of betrayal are running throughout the country. The hopes of Biden winning the elections broadly lie in the hands of the Jews and the Palestinians in most of the states, including Georgia and Michigan.

Tom Nides also said that Joe Biden is now very ignorant about what is going on in politics. He was President’s first ambassador to Israel and returned to the country recently. Moreover, he was very much in close with the administration. He further says that he feels Biden is currently not in step or out of step with the parts of the Democratic Party.

John Kirby, National Security spokesperson, said to CNN that Biden is currently not driven by politics. Biden is careful about the voices of others with different opinions and other particular details. He further said that he respected all these voices and was doing an outreach, but he made all his decisions from a moral place.

Most of the Congress Democrats still stand in support of Israel. However, as the discomfort continues to grow in number, Biden has started speaking of the tolls that the war has taken on the citizens in Gaza. Biden aides’ say that they are paying more attention to the growing generational divide of Democrats over backing for Israel, pointing to the support they had provided for the incidents at the campus colleges.

Rallying for the shaken Jewish Americans

Biden and others involved in the internal deliberations over the past few weeks define a diplomatic and military strategy that at times might have looked like shifts and evolution but represented considerations from the outset. Joe Biden’s trip to Israel last month was all about solidarity but was also an attempt to buy time to get the civilians and hostages out of Gaza. 

Biden has done more than he should to reassure a group of voters worried about the massive spike in worldwide antisemitic incidents by repeating his story of the late Prime Minister Golda Meir, who insisted Biden. Multiple Jewish leaders across the country and some in the West Wing stated how much it means for a leader to stand up for them amid the feelings of being unsafe.

Pennsylvania Republican Summer Lee, who is critical of Israel’s attack on Gaza, won a primary the previous year despite the pro-Israel groups making heavy spending against her. She is among the several Israeli critics who have attracted a primary challenger for the upcoming year. 

Rushing to catch up on Arab American and Muslim Reach

The alternate piece of outreach had a slower start, and when it came, the first thing that the Arab American and Muslim supporters saw in the email was a typo that stated “Salaams.” The top advisers of the White House had to turn to Dilawar Syed, the deputy administrator of a small business born in Pakistan. 

Being one of the top members of Muslims in Biden’s administration, Syed made several efforts, from serving as an official representative to holding meetings. He sent a representative to Wadea-Al-Fayoume, who is a six-year-old boy whom the landlord of his family stabbed because he was a Muslim.

People of the White House, especially the Muslims, held a meeting with Biden and described the event as a raw, emotional, and honoring session with the President. However, a few moments stuck with them: Biden hugged one of the crying attendees and said, “ Everything is going to be OK.”

The Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, said that he cares a lot for people, and it is evident that he was using assistance in Gaza. Keith Ellison was the first elected Muslim Congressperson and the highest-ranking Muslim elected official in America.

The Council on American Islamic Relations leaders issued Ultimatums in Minnesota and several other states. It says that if Biden did not start the ceasefire by the beginning of last week, he would lose the vote and support of many Muslims by 2024. 

Ellison said that more public sympathy from Biden would help. Ellison is also confident that drawing a contrast with Former President Donald Trump will take Biden there. Lastly, he stated that he feels that the Muslim Americans know that the last alternative is Mr. Muslim Ban. 

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