Biden Attacks Trump for his “Vermin” remark and compares him to the Nazi Ideology.

Biden Attacks Trump for his “Vermin” remark and compares him to the Nazi Ideology.

Biden, a few days back, told his campaign donors that his rival in the 2024 Presidential Elections, Former President Donald Trump, was using languages that were similar to the Nazis. If Donald Trump is elected as President for another term, he will use his candidacy term for “revenge and retribution.” 

Biden said to his donors in San Francisco that there are many reasons to go against Donald Trump. He further said that he should not be the President of America again. He has pointed out the term “vermin” told by Donald Trump and said that it is very similar to the Nazi terminology.

The use of this particular word by Donald Trump pointed to a specific phrase that Biden said was used by the Nazis in the late 30s. During a speech in New Hampshire, the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, said that they would try to eliminate the communists, Fascists, Marxists, and other thugs who live inside the boundaries of America. 

Biden also pointed to Donald Trump’s recent statements where he stated that undocumented immigrants were poison for the country. The real threat to the government is not from the radical right. Instead, it is the extreme left that is growing in number every day.

Biden also pointed to Trump’s statements, which stated that the Blood of America has been poisoned. He also said that these were the words which the Nazis told in Germany. The current President also criticized Trump for his verbal attacks on Paul Pelosi.

The husband of Former Speaker of the White House, Nancy Pelosi, took the stand in the federal court to speak about the violent attack that he suffered at his San Francisco Home last year. 

Biden said that Donald Trump had made fun of the attacks made on Nancy Pelosi’s home in the recent week. He also stated that there is no place for political violence in America.

Biden had also attacked Trump for his job record, pointing to Herbert Hoover’s records. There were only two jobs lost during his Presidency. Biden said that for that reason, Trump is also called Donald Hoover Trump.

According to a pool report, Former President Donald Trump was the only reason to ban abortion in America. Biden went on to say that the only reason that fundamental rights were taken away from the American people for the first time in American history was because of Donald Trump. 

Like all the Republican friends who have found out the power of women in America, Donald Trump is also on his way to finding out the power of a woman. Biden said that what happened in the election races was not unusual in a kind and concerning the continuation of what happened in 2020 when he was told that his party would win.

He also said that again in 2022, when he was told that his party would be wiped out, some pundits gave Biden Hope. He addressed the audience, saying that this is the Biden-Harris Agenda. The agenda is widespread, and people are voting for it. 

The pundits and the press can keep on getting surprised as much as they want. But since Joe Biden has come from the sidelines to fight toe to toe against Donald Trump, he has not stopped running and losing. There was also a time when Trump said he would win so much that Biden’s agenda would get tired of winning. 

Biden said that he shouldn’t get started. One thing is true: Donald Trump can’t get tired of losing.

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