All About the mission of Robert F. Kennedy Junior to Spoil the elections of 2024

All About the mission of Robert F. Kennedy Junior to Spoil the elections of 2024

Despite the long-standing connection with the democratic party, Robert F. Kennedy Junior announced his run in the elections of 2024 as an independent candidate. This led him to get separated from the Kennedy family and even led to a controversial discussion between the Republicans and the Democrats.

RFK Junior is the latest topic in the history of the Kennedy family’s political scenario. He is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, a senate and presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, and the nephew of Former President John F. Kennedy.

Being an environmental lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy Junior gained interest in politics given protecting nature in society. In following his goals, he developed a skeptical vision in his mind regarding the vaccines, and this aggravated more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He developed an anti-vaccine stance gradually, where he told the mass public that the vaccine that was being developed didn’t have any proper research for issuance to the public. However, his anti-vaccine views became a distrust for the government, and since then, his family members also started ignoring him.

He also stated that specific organizations like Moderna and Pfizer should not be shaping how the United States is governed. It is because they are solely working for their benefit. He further said that his sole mission throughout this campaign and the presidency would be to end the corrupt merger of the corporation and the state that could threaten to impose a new form of feudalism in the country. 

Although Robert F. Kennedy Junior started his campaign as a Democrat, he left the party afterward. He stated that the Democrat party has stopped its traditional values, cautioning against war and corporating interests to serve an average person. The disapproval shown by Kennedy included the Democratic National Committee’s will to rearrange the order in which the primary election of America would be conducted.

The campaign would now begin in South Carolina, a state in America that supported Joe Biden to win the previous elections in 2020. The DNC rejected the proposal to organize a debate between Biden and Kennedy, which Kennedy felt was a try by the DNC to ensure that other candidates could not raise their voices, which President Biden could hear.

However, Richard Fox, a professor of political science and the director of international relations, said that Kennedy Junior was not getting any traction after starting the campaign as a Democrat, and thus, he switched to Independent. 

The independent voters fall all across the political spectrum. They represent a wide variety of principles and beliefs. Fox also said that the third parties contain people associated with the organizations and go out daily to find out how to get their name on the ballot.

However, getting on the ballot is more challenging than it seems. There are 50 different states, and each state has different rules designed for how to get on the ballot. Fox further added that for some states, the process is easy, while for others, it is hard. You need to gather a lot of signatures, and it is a difficult task to get on the ballot if you are not a Republican or a Democrat.

The Republicans and the Democrats fear having an independent candidate in the elections. Presently, Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are in the matchup, but both are losing votes within the voting blocs in the public. Most of the voters have heard the debates from both candidates and are currently searching for someone new who can meet their political interests.

Kennedy is proud that he has a group of supporters with opposite political views. They include both climate skeptics and climate activists. There are both types of people- vaccinated and unvaccinated. Yet, the chance of Kennedy winning the elections is very slim.

However, the more pressing fact is that an independent voter might draw votes away from the Democrats and the Republicans. This could cost one of the parties in the election. Kennedy Junior, on the other hand, does not have any fear of the results. He said that the Democrats are frightened as he might spoil the election for President Biden, while the Republicans are terrified that he might break the elections for Former President Trump.

And he is indeed fighting the election to spoil both of their campaigns. Although the DNC aborted Kennedy’s campaign, some Democrats feel it can become a close race. If that is the situation, a small margin of votes can change the scenario, and the Democrats need to ensure that Kennedy is not drawing away any votes from them.

The spokesperson of Trump said that Kennedy’s campaign was nothing more than a vanity project for liberal Kennedy, who was looking to cash in on his family’s name. It is very unclear which party in the 2024 elections would benefit more from the emergence of Kennedy as an independent candidate.

Also, there was criticism coming from Kennedy’s family members. Kerry, Rory, Kathleen, and Joseph signed a statement stating that RFK Junior’s decision to run as an independent candidate against Joe Biden might be dangerous for the country. In the same information, they also contrast his ideals to their late father. They further said that RFK Junior might share the same name as his father, but he does not share the same vision, judgment, or values.

Being an independent candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Junior did not need to win any primary election to appear in any general election the following November in an attempt to spoil the race for Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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