Aaron Rodgers said he would vote for Robert Kennedy Junior in the 2024 Elections. See Why?

Aaron Rodgers said he would vote for Robert Kennedy Junior in the 2024 Elections. See Why?

When Aaron Rodgers tested positive for covid 19 two years ago, it was pretty unpredictable what would come next. It was a sort of development that somewhat made him cast out as a villain and for which he became the frontrunner in the celebrity list for the COVID-19 vaccines. 

While he was recovering from the virus in November 2021, he gave an interview to The Pat McAfee Show from his home in Green Bay. In the interview, he called out the Martin Luther King Junior, invoked the “Woke Mob,” and blasted the NFL for its poor and draconian safety and health policies.

Those comments made him a popular figure in the political circle. Additionally, in a succeeding interview with the McAfee Show, he also claimed that with those comments, he did not have any intention to come to the political circle.

He further said that he is an athlete and not an activist. He will return to what he compels at, that is, playing the ball. After missing out on one baseball game due to the COVID-19 policies of the NFL, he went on to perform well on the field, winning his 4th MVP of the season.

However, in the present scenario, Rodgers is out of action as he is recovering from an injury. And with the elections nearby, he is again being involved in politics by his viewers. He said that in medical freedom and consent, he would be voting for Robert Kennedy Junior.

What did Rodgers say about Kennedy in the Past?

When the 2021 season ended for Rodgers, he again went on to the McAfee show and called politics a “sham.” He also said that while he was blasting out at the NFL for the COVID-19 policies, he didn’t think that he would become a role model for many. He doesn’t want to be a politicized person. He also doesn’t want his views to bolster the anti-vaxxers and trigger the vaxxed people.

He wants to be a person who has his own opinion, shares those, does proper research, and also listens to both sides. 

What did Aaron Rodgers say for Joe Biden?

It is one side of his life that he got into a feud with President Joe Biden. Biden, during a visit to a game in 2021, when asked about Rodgers, said to a woman to tell Rodgers to get a vaccine first. The White House also responded to the statements of Rodgers and said it is against misinformation.

In a lengthy interview with ESPN, Rodgers also responded, and he ripped the President. He stated that when the President of the US says that this pandemic is of the unvaccinated, it is just because of him and his constituents. He further said he is amazed at how he received 81 million votes with such statements.

Who is Robert Francis Kennedy Junior?

Kennedy, who is 69 years old, is the nephew of former President John F Kennedy. He is also one of the 11 children of the late US Senate Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy was assassinated while he was running for the Presidential nomination in 1968. 

Robert Francis Kennedy was just 14 years old when his father was killed. Kennedy is an environmental lawyer who marked his candidacy for the President earlier this year. He dropped his Democratic Presidential bid but re-entered the race as an independent candidate.

Former President Donald Trump has called Robert Francis Kennedy a brilliant and perfect guy.

What did RFK Jr. Say about the COVID-19 Vaccines?

RFK Jr. was a prominent part of the Kennedy Family. However, due to his anti-vaccine comments, he was denounced by most of his family members. In an editorial, two of his siblings and a niece said they love Kennedy. However, the misinformation that he has spread on social media regarding the science behind the vaccines has made them lose trust in him.

RFK Jr. claimed that the vaccines for COVID-19 caused autism. For the same, his Instagram handle was also suspended two years ago for repeatedly sharing false information regarding the vaccines. Children’s Health Defense, a non-profit organization he founded, also has an anti-vaccine message. RFK Jr. also stated that his Presidential Campaign is “largely misunderstood.”

Why is Aaron Rodgers constantly in favor of RFK Jr.?

Rodgers’s views for “medical freedom” and vaccines match with Robert Francis Kennedy’s. Earlier this month, he said he wanted to team up with RFK Jr. for a vaccine debate against the Kansas City Chiefs Dr. Anthony Fauci and Travis Kelce. Rodgers has also called RFK Jr. “my man”.

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